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Dying Addict Was Unexpectedly Saved By God From Drug Abuse When She Still Thought Of Giving God Her Middle Finger

The world could offer us anything that may make us turn our back on Jesus. The people around us can influence and change our lives if we don’t know how to determine things that favors God or the enemy. Vices and sinful acts can be seen anywhere and are like a roaring lion waiting for the right moment to tear us apart.

Drug addiction is a complex disease that needs extensive treatment. When you’re addicted to drugs, you can’t resist the urge to use them. Drug abuse is now considered a widespread problem as it greatly affects the life of the youth and as well as adults.

Trinna Nicole Heasty had an option to either live or die three years ago as she was drowned by drug addiction. It brought a lot of changes to her life up to the extent of claiming it. On her Facebook testimony, she said that if somebody would have introduced Christ in her life three years ago, she would have given her middle finger. At some point, she tried reaching out and planned to have a detox. After two weeks of being clean, she was invited to attend a Bible study in a coffee shop. A woman named Samantha Duncan and Heath Duncan introduced Jesus to her. There was something different with this woman as the Lord used her as an instrument to speak the truth and change Trinna’s life.

Because of God’s mercy, Trinna became a new person having God as the center of her life. She wouldn’t even think that she has survived that phase of her life being a victim of drug abuse. God find ways in order for us to find our way back to Him. We are His children and we recognize His voice. He will continually use other people as an instrument of faith and remind us of His great love when He offered His life to save us from sins.

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