Fellow Runners Stopped To Help Girl Who Collapsed During The Race, Selfless Amazing Character!

We always want to win every battle that life gives us. Since we were young, we were always been so competitive that we do not want to end up losing the game. We take pride in what we do and we always gain self-esteem every time we succeed in what we do. Winning a race always gives us a good and satisfying feeling especially if we did training in a hard way and end up reaching our goal.

Madeline Adams has always been prepared in every race that she participates. When she knew that she will be participating in the ACC Women’s Cross Country Championship, she undergoes hard training and works out as she will be running the greatest race of her life. She was sure of her fitness and she knows she is able to do it until the finish line. But when she was almost at the end part of the race, her body suddenly gave up and her limbs became weak. She didn’t know what happened and she just found herself on the ground. She tried to get up and continue running but then everything wasn’t easy and she lost her energy.

She saw the other runners passing her by as she slips the race of her dream. What is more surprising is when one of the runners named Evie Tate representing Clemson stopped and tried to help Madeline. However, she couldn’t do it alone as Madeline’s body became so heavy losing all of her strength adding weight to her body. It was a good thing when another runner from Louisville named Rachel Pease assisted Evie in dragging Madeline. Everything happens for a reason and what happened is something unexpected. Madeline was not given the opportunity to win the race but she was able to learn an amazing lesson in life. Not all people that surround you only think about themselves. There are selfless people with a good character just like Evie and Rachel who will always prove that good will always prevail and win against evil. Check out the video below and be amazed at these amazing ladies!

Boston College Runner Madeline Adams Relives Amazing Cross Country Moment
Boston College’S Madeline Adams was carried across the finish line by rival runners at the ACC Cross Country Championship. Listen to Adams relive the amazing moment and speak about the dramatic difference it has made for her and her fellow competitors.

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