Former Atheist Governor-General Finally Surrender To God at 85

God exists in the midst of darkness and that everyone should believe in Him. He made us and all the things in the world that they may give back all the praises to Him and serve only Him. We may sometimes doubt His presence in times of struggles, but God is still good in helping us to survive.

After a long time of denying God, Bill Hayden gave his life to Jesus. He was known to be Australia’s former governor-general who claims to be an atheist. At the age of 85, he got baptized at St. Mary’s Church near Brisbane. Bill had a stroke and he found compassion among Christians who showed their kindness and sympathy to him. A 93-year-old nun named Angela Mary Doyle also came to visit him at the hospital that made him turn back into darkness and follow Jesus.

Every day God is waiting for someone to believe in Him and call in His name that he might be saved. God is waiting for us to offer our lives to Him. He came into the world to rescue the sinners and He is a forgiving God. Don’t waste your life denying Jesus for He is the only way, the truth, and the life. God is knocking in our hearts and He is waiting for us to surrender our lives to Him.

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