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Former President Jimmy Carter Shows What It Means to Be a Servant Leader

Former President Jimmy Carter, 94, was back teaching Sunday school for the first time since breaking his hip last May.

Carter was in front of the congregation at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia, teaching a lesson from John 14:15-26 on the promise of the Holy Spirit.

The 39th President of the United States from 1977-1981 ended the lesson talking about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and what servant leadership means. He shared, “You put yourself physically at their feet, but you acknowledge them as a superior person. We should be looked upon as servant leaders. All of us needs [sic] to be servant leaders.”

A line wrapped around the church as hundreds of visitors from Atlanta to New York City waited to attend the service, boosting the regular numbers significantly. The former President’s humility was demonstrated by his request that no one clap or stand as he entered the room.

People like Ricardo Martinez just wanted to see and hear him, “He is a man of peace. He was the most powerful man in the world and he comes back to Plains to teach Sunday school and to teach others to serve,” Martinez said.

Glenda Morris-Robinson, a pediatrician from Atlanta, expressed, “It is so wonderful to see a true servant leader. He was remarkable.”

Another visitor, Georgia Congresswoman Lucy McBath, said, “This man is a living spiritual legend, who reminds me why I am serving and who I am serving.”

Carter ended his lesson with a challenge: “If you did one good thing for one other person, would it make America a better country?” he said. “Find one person in your neighborhood who might be lonely and make it a point to visit them. You promise to do that? It will make America a better nation…”

From the most powerful world leader to Sunday school teacher, he has not forgotten his roots. Carter is an example of a man who has remained faithful to the Lord while serving as president and as a Bible teacher in a rural Baptist church. Glory to God for the life He has given him.

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