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Homeless Man Found And Returned $10K Check to A Realtor, Now He’s on Her Board of Directors

A homeless man’s life turned around when he returned a check worth $10,800.

Elmer Alvarez was homeless for many years. He spent his days roaming the streets of New Haven, Connecticut. He had no idea about his future but had resolved to put his life in order after struggling with drug addiction.

One day, this decision to lead a clean life was put to a test.

While walking down the street, Elmer found a check on the ground amounting to $10,800. He had the opportunity to cash it in and use it to make his life better but he chose to call the number written at the back of the check to give it to the rightful owner.

“I got to look for this person,” Elmer said. “[Cashing the check] never crossed my mind because I made a decision to turn my life over. I’ve been clean for three years.”

The check belonged to a real estate broker named Roberta Hoskie. She was surprised to hear that she dropped it while running errands.

Roberta arrived quickly to meet Elmer. She expected to find a fellow professional but instead found a homeless man.

“I expected to find a guy all nice, clean-shaven and blue suit,” she said. When Roberta received the check, she thought, “What a good Samaritan.”

She immediately felt compassion for him because she could relate to his state. Even though Roberta now runs a multi-million business, she was once a homeless single mother. “I remember. I remember what it felt like to be in that shelter,” she said.

Roberta decided to do more than just reward Elmer. First, she helped him find an apartment. Then Roberta enrolled him in a real estate school. She paid the apartment rent for seven months while he recovered.  

Her assistance to Elmer reached the point where she appointed him to the board of directors as they worked on a project. The project would provide transitional housing for homeless teens and young adults. As an add-on, there would be critical services to assist their target beneficiaries in controlling their lives.

It was a drastic leap for Elmer. For Roberta, what a way to pay forward!

God truly listens when someone sincerely asks for transformation.

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