LifestyleIf You’re in Grieving, This Story Must Comfort You Deeply

If You’re in Grieving, This Story Must Comfort You Deeply

For those who may be grieving- In 1991 I had an eleven year old son Andy. He was a bit unusual, he had some health issues but he learned to read before 3 and at five he wrote this little booklet called “A thousand and one things about me and the Lord.” well, I read it and I like “How does a kid of 5 understand that stuff,most adults struggle to understand” .

As he grew to be eleven, one morning as he was getting ready to go to school and I to work, he came to me with all seriousness (he was a serious kid) and said “moma, I looked out the window last night and I saw Jesus and he told me he was coming for me” .What mom wants to hear that, I thought I had him imaging something because I read the bible to him at night, remember it hit me hard in my stomach even though my head didn’t want to understand it.

2 weeks later I woke up with such a bad feeling of something bad was fixing to happen, I prayed all day long, that night my husband went to work and my son and I went to church, afterwards we came home and went to bed, but I awoke to the sound of a smoke detector going off, I got up and tried to get to him, I saw flames going up the walls of his room. With all the efforts I tried to make I couldn’t get to him. I heard him take a choking breath, I ran next door to get my father, we tried but couldn’t and knew he was gone. But then as I waited for the fire dept, I remember those words he said “the Lord appeared to me and said he was coming for me”. I went through grief, it was hard on my husband and I also had ptsd and in 1991 desert storm was going on, but we didn’t hear about ptsd,I was afraid to be alone, afraid to go outside, would have panic attacks, but I got in the word and claimed the promises of God over my life.

I still grieved but I knew where he was and in time as God walked with me and carried me basically I got through. I remember being at the grave side service and the Lord said “don’t worry about this you will have many more children”. I’m like we can’t have anymore children Lord, he said nothing more, but yrs, down the road we began to go into the Dept. of Juvenile Justice and minister to kids; well, one night after speaking the Lord said “do you remember when I told you you would have many more kids; he said here they are” .

See the things that we go through are not worthy to be compared with the glory that will be revealed, you live say to be 90 and you put all your pain and heartache on a scale with eternity “its not worthy to be compared with what you will have in heaven”.

We also find that we are to comfort other with the same comfort he gives us. I found so many people who were grieving and could share with them what I had gone through and it gave them hope.


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