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Man Who Suddenly Couldn’t Breathe Saved by Pregnant Wife, Miraculously Opened Eyes Just Before Wife’s Delivery

Miracles happen if you believe. Your faith into something is what keeps you going without losing hope. God is our fortress and He supplies His children with His strength that nobody can put down. Without God’s strength, we are not able to do anything to make our lives better. His plans are always right and His creation is His masterpiece.

Ashley Goette was at the 39th week of her pregnancy and was scheduled to be induced the next day when something worst happened. They were sleeping one peaceful night when she suddenly heard a disturbing sound. Her husband Andrew was gasping for air and was having a hard time breathing while at sleep. Ashley didn’t know what to do but one thing for sure, she wanted to save her husband. So without any further thinking, she grabbed the phone and call 911 to report the incident. They advised Ashley to perform CPR while waiting for the paramedics to rescue Andrew. Ashley was insisting that she did not know the process and that she was scared that her husband’s condition might worsen.

Without any hesitation Ashley performed CPR and Andrew was finally able to breathe. When the paramedics came, they brought him to the hospital and took care of him. The doctor told Ashley that if it was not because of her CPR, she would have lost her husband. Everything was being taken cared of and Andrew was observed until he was able to open his eyes.

It was an unexplainable event and was truly a miracle for he was able to gain consciousness just before Ashley gave birth to their first baby Lennon. God has given Andrew another chance to live, he was given the opportunity to become a good father to baby Lennon.

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