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Noah’s Ark hunters claims they’ve found ‘shape matching Bible description’ boat in Turkish during 3D scans

The “boat-shaped formation” found in the Durupinar site in 1959. | Source

Archeologists have found a massive boat-like formation that matches the Biblical proportions of Noah’s ark in Turkey.

The discovery was made by archeologists in the Project Noah’s Ark Scans. They use ground-penetrating radar or GPR to check the site which led to the discovery of the boat-shaped formation.

Leader of the project, Andrew Jones, said that the shape and formation is accurate to the dimensions of Noah’s ark.

“This is not what you would expect to see if this site is just a solid block of rock or an accumulation of random debris from a mudflow,” Jones said

The boat formation is believed to have the same length of the ark. The measurement of the ark in the Bible is 150 meters or 300 cubits.

Credit: The ground-penetrating radar (GPR) surveys were conducted at the site and appears to show the shape of an ark / NOAHSARKSCANS.COM

Doubting Thomas Research Foundation president, Ryan Mauro, who is also part of the project, says that the findings are proof of the authenticity of the Bible. He said this because some biologists say that the site may be unusual but it is nothing more than a rock formation and not Noah’s ark.

Mauro said, “Those judgments dismissing the site were made decades ago and based on limited data compared to what we have now. As I learned more, I became convinced that the project was worth my support and that it is vital that we determine the truth about the Durupinar site.”

Turkish Army Captain Ilhan Durupinar first discovered the Durupinar site in 1959. From the 1970’s to the mid-1990’s, more researchers became interested in the site. Then in 2014 and 2019, private geophysical surveys were conducted to show that the site has interesting angular structures below the ground.

Latest GPR data show that there are parallel lines and angular structure consistent with the formation of the boat as described in Genesis 6:15.

In the project website, they stated, “Friends, we have a huge scientific project in front of us! All the pieces are in place.”

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