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Pastor Heals Deaf And Paralyzed Baby Through Jesus Name Made People Believe In Miracles

The Holy Bible tells us a lot of stories about the miracles that Jesus has shown to people. We have known how powerful He is and we are aware of the things that He is able to do. Jesus is the doctor of all doctors and He is able to take away every pain that you feel. His mighty hands are capable of removing whatever kind of illness you have from simple to complicated as discussed by Science. The only thing that you need to do is to trust Him with all your heart, mind and soul.

A Pastor and is also a founder of Healing Ministries International was caught on a video healing a deaf and paralyzed baby. As the Pastor starts his healing ministry, the mother handed her baby to the Pastor having faith that he is able to heal him in God’s name. The Pastor started praying in the name of Jesus and suddenly a great miracle happens. The baby was able to walk into his mother’s arms and he was able to move his whole body.

The people were surprised and they were shouting because of too much joy in their heart as Jesus used the Pastor to heal the sick. This could be unusual to others especially to unbelievers but for those who believe in Christ as the most powerful among everything that exists, this is just a simple thing that Jesus can do. God uses people as an instrument in order for His will to be done. Whatever it is that the Lord has planned will happen and nobody can stop His power. He is the greatest among all men and His love endures forever. He is a great healer and whatever it is that you feel right now, it is only Jesus that can ease the pain.

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A pastor and Founder of Healing Ministries International healed a deaf and paralyzed baby…💐💐💐

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