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Shane & Shane Featuring John Piper Emotionally Sing Though You Slay Me, Message Was Heart Pounding

Our faith and service to God define what kind of Christians we are. There’s a lot of ways on how to serve God and glorify His most precious name. We must not get weary serving Him in our own unique way. He may send us a series of hardships to test our faith but we need to understand that this is His way of teaching us a lesson and later on you will thank Him for the unrevealed purpose. Our life is His masterpiece and He knows every single way on how to overcome that trials that we encounter. He doesn’t give us problems without solutions, just like a doorknob is made with a unique key to open.

Shane & Shane featuring John Piper released a very touching song entitled Though You Slay Me with a heart-pounding lyrics. The message of the song talks about the times that we are in deep suffering yet we still need to continue worshiping Him. Though we feel that we are being left alone and nobody cares for us, we must not stop believing in Him. Some people might persecute us because of our beliefs, but this should not serve as a reason for us to stop calling into His mighty name.

We call unto God in good and bad times. Our faith should not fail just because we are experiencing the worst day of our lives. Trust His plan and let His will be done for He knows what’s best for us. Build a strong foundation of faith that even the strongest storm cannot prevail. Nothing can ruin the faith of a Christian whose eyes are set into Jesus, the rock of all ages. Pray to Him to give you strength and courage that you may be found faithful and worthy of His blessings.

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