Talented Teenager Rocks Off Performance In The Voice 2018, Find Out How...

Talented Teenager Rocks Off Performance In The Voice 2018, Find Out How Talented She Is!

We have known a lot of people who continue to amaze us with their God-given talents. These talents have brought them on the pedestal and granted them success in life. Talents in different aspects of life but were all given by God wherein we need to be thankful. Having such incredible talents require somebody to be humble enough and not to boast them. These God-given talents are designed in order to give inspiration to other people and bring happiness in life.

Sarah Grace is a 16-year-old teenager from Houston, Texas. When she was young, she has the gift of seeing colors every time she’s being exposed to music or can hear the music. During her blind audition, 3 judges turned their chairs for her and were shocked upon finding out that she was just a teenager with a very sharp voice. Sarah Grace landed to Kelly’s team and she was rocking everyone with her great performance. Later on, Sarah lost her sensory gift of synesthesia and she was inspired to pursue her music career.

Sarah Grace did not disappoint and one of her performances have left a mark to everyone’s heart. She sang a classic gospel song wherein everyone is familiar to the song. The song that she picked was “Amazing Grace” which perfectly fit her sweet voice. What is more surprising is when Sarah Grace grabbed her trumpet and left everyone in awe. Watch the video below and be amazed by Sarah’s outstanding performance.

Sarah Grace Plays the Trumpet on Cover of “Amazing Grace” – The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Performances
Team Kelly’s Sarah Grace performs “Amazing Grace” on stage for The Voice Live Top 10. ” Get The Voice Official App: http://bit.ly/TheVoiceOfficialApp ” Subscribe for More: http://bit.ly/TheVoiceSub ” The Voice Returns Monday, February 25 8/7c on NBC!

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