Teenage Boy Takes His 10-Year-Old Sister with Leukemia to His 1st School Dance Before She Dies

A South Dakota teen made the experience of going to his first high school formal a family affair by inviting his younger sister, who is battling cancer.

AJ Spader, 15, told his parents of his plan to invite his sister Rebekah, 10, as a way to make meaningful memories while she’s still doing good.

“He came to us and said, ‘Rebekah might not get to go to her own dance,'” AJ’s mother, Stephanie Spader, told ABC News today. “He wanted to give her that experience.”

According to the Daily Mail, mom Stephanie Spader realized something was wrong with her daughter Rebekah when she was 6-year-old. It was diagnosed as myelodysplastic syndrome. Later it developed into leukaemia.

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