Terrified Child Sobs As Car is Crushing Mom But Then Bodycam Captures Deputy’s ‘Tremendous Act’

Deputy Sheriff John Holt of Gloucester, Virginia, discovered a vehicle upside down with children inside and a woman trapped inside. He was able to raise the car by himself, allowing her to be liberated.

The deputy was quick to act. Upon reaching the scene he kept his head cool and surveyed the area to see how he would act.

He saw two children. The daughter was outside of the car and the son was still inside. He asked the boy to step out. Then he saw the mother on the upturned vehicle with her head pinned in the sunroof of the car.

“I saw the female laying with her head pinned underneath the vehicle,” Deputy Holt said in an interview.

He knew there was no time to waste and that he had to lift the vehicle to save the life of the woman. Without anyone to help him at the moment, he tried to lift the 4,000 lb SUV. But his first try failed. He could be heard saying, “I can’t get it off.”

But what he did next was amazing. He put his shoulder on the door frame and was finally able to lift the car! 

The woman was freed and she immediately moved and began to gasp for air. 

Gloucester County Sheriff Darrell Warren said the woman’s injuries “didn’t appear to be life threatening” after the car was lifted and she was able to escape.

What’s more amazing about deputy Holt was that he was awarded local and regional “Top Cop Awards”. In 2020, he was able to save two people from a burning home. The superhero cop was from the army. 

When asked to comment on his achievements, he said, “I’m no hero. I’m just an average cop that gets put in extraordinary situations.”

God uses different people to help others. Whether you’re a police officer or an average citizen, always seek to help others. And in everything you do, do it for the glory of God.

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