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The Broadway Star Amazingly Shouted ‘ Oh, My God!’ After The Stranger Sang! Then Surprisingly Found Who He Is

We do not judge a person with their physical attributes and we cannot take a guess of their capabilities by just purely looking at them. God has bestowed us with unique talents to show the world what we’ve got giving honor to our creator.

Walt Disney is every children’s favorite. An all-time favorite not just by kids but the entire family. Disney song lyrics which are familiar to most of us and the melody of their songs which are very near to our heart.

One of the most common Disney song that we knew for years is “A Whole New World” which is the famous soundtrack of the film Aladdin. We often sing this when we were still young imagining things in a magical carpet ride. This is originally sang by the Broadway star Lea Salonga together with her partner Brad Kane.

Lea performed in the De Jong Concert Hall and she decided to sing the classic tune. But unfortunately, Brad Kane is nowhere to be found so she needed to pull out a person from the audience to complete the duet. She was able to pick Jared Young and little did she know that the guy had auditioned for Aladdin’s role in Disney’s California Adventure. He was able to make the final cuts for two years but unfortunately the role was given to somebody else. He was so happy that finally he was given the chance to live his dream on stage and it was an awesome performance. Jared has an amazing voice that left the audience jaw-dropped. It was stunning hearing such a beautiful talent bestowed by the Lord. Nurture your gifts and live life to the fullest for you are truly blessed!

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