NewsTheme Park Prides Itself of Bible-Sized Ark Ushering in its 3rd Anniversary

Theme Park Prides Itself of Bible-Sized Ark Ushering in its 3rd Anniversary

Ark Encounter, well-known around the globe for its amazing reconstruction of Noah’s Ark, is counting on this main attraction to move on the cusp of royal prominence of Biblical proportions as the theme park is looking to stay afloat in its 3rd anniversary or fourth year in the business on July 7, 2019 putting Williamstown, Kentucky way on top of the tourist map.

Noah’s Ark is the famed ship in the Book of Genesis made by Noah according to God’s directives. This vessel lasted through a worldwide deluge with the event showing both the anger and power of the Almighty who decided to wipe away all life on earth except for Noah, his family and select pairs of animals as people refused to believe that a flood was coming, sticking to their human logic as it rarely rained during that time. This signifies that the Ark is God’s way of saying that His wisdom is beyond all human reasoning.

Ark Encounter showcases a 510-foot Ark as its center of attraction with real character recreations featured inside a three-story museum reinforced by computer generated effects. With this heavenly structure, the park sustains an upward trend in attendance, averaging a million visits annually, since opening its gates in 2016. Management further beautified the business by establishing a playground welcoming children of all ages and like-minded family members while expanding its zoo and erecting an auditorium with a 2,500 capacity.

Behind the surging success of the park is the Christian organization “Answers of Genesis” with Patrick Marsh as chief designer-engineer. Its president Ken Ham aims to put Ark Encounter at par with world-renowned theme parks Disneyland and Universal Studios.

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