This Little Girl Prays For Steve Harvey And People Are Going Crazy For It

There may be a number of different types of television shows that we enjoy but when children are involved, it is always something that we love. They just seem to be able to do all of the right things and say all the right words that make us smile, cry and experience every other emotion that we could possibly experience.
That is what makes the television show, Little Big Shots, such a popular addition to our television watching. When you see Natalie coming out on the show in this particular clip, you recognize that she is perhaps one of the best guests that Steve Harvey has ever had the opportunity to meet. She starts by showing off her spelling skills and even though they aren’t perfect, she is certainly confident in her abilities.
Throughout the interview, she remains rather spirited and at one point or another, she even prays for Harvey after he requests it. She continues to show her confident nature, and Steve can’t help but laugh at what she says. I’m sure that you will laugh as well.

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