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UPS Delivery Guy Made Everyone Stop For A While Staring At Him In The Airport

Most of us are fond of ordering something through the internet and wait for it to be delivered at home. We get irritated especially if it takes too long for our package to arrive or if what was sent to us is not the right thing as we have ordered. We know a lot of couriers and have heard different feedback about their company and we always want to make sure we choose the right one for our package to arrive on time.

We all know how a UPS delivery guy looks like in their plain boring uniform. They hustle hard every single day of their lives trying to make sure you will receive your package. They wake up early in the morning, dress up in their uniforms and deliver each and every package to their customers. They value time as they know customers do not want their package to be delayed. A UPS delivery guy was spotted at the airport holding a package that he is about to deliver. While he was walking, he spotted a black shiny thing on the corner of the airport.

The delivery guy saw an old lonely piano in one corner and it’s full of stickers saying “play me” in different languages. The delivery guy did not hesitate but immediately sit on the chair and his fingers started to roll on the keyboard. As his fingers rapidly move and the music was heard all over the place, the people stared at him. The delivery guy showed his passion for music and it left the people in awe as they listen to what he’s playing. “Do not judge a book by its cover”, as a famous quotation says. He could be a simple delivery guy holding a package but what he has is a real God-given talent that he should be proud of!

UPS Guy Delivering The Blues at The Airport
UPS Guy flimed plays the piano at the airport.

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