LifestyleWalmart 'Yodeling Kid' Stuns Shoppers in Viral Video

Walmart ‘Yodeling Kid’ Stuns Shoppers in Viral Video

A Walmart store in Harrisburg, Illinois, witnessed an unforgettable moment when an 11-year-old boy captivated shoppers with an impromptu yodeling performance near the checkout lines. With a cowboy belt buckle, studded boots, and a red bowtie, the young boy demanded attention as he belted out Hank Williams’ classic, “Lovesick Blues.”

The video of the performance was initially uploaded by ViralHog and quickly gained traction, accumulating 1.1 million views on YouTube. Soon after, the video found its way to Twitter, accompanied by a witty caption about finding light bulbs at Walmart. The humorous meme garnered over 55,000 shares, thrusting the “yodeling kid,” later identified as Mason Ramsey, into viral stardom.

Social media users couldn’t contain their amusement and excitement over the video. Comparisons were made to Woody, the cowboy doll from “Toy Story,” while others couldn’t help but focus on the boy’s foot tapping during the performance. Commenters praised Mason’s talent, with one person expressing their attempts to emulate his unique style.

This wasn’t the first time Ramsey had gained online fame for his musical abilities. A video of him singing Hank Williams’ “Hey Good Lookin'” while seated in a Walmart shopping cart had previously gone viral, catching the attention of Tennessee radio station Beaver 100.3 FM. The station arranged for an encore performance by Mason, even recreating the viral video at the Wilma Rudolph Walmart in Clarksville. The new video received nearly 660,000 views.

Excitement surrounding Ramsey’s talent continued to grow, and his popularity prompted him to join Twitter at the request of his fans. Within a short time, he gained over 163,000 followers, announcing his presence on the platform and expressing his gratitude for the support.

Mason Ramsey’s rise to fame didn’t go unnoticed by Walmart itself. The company took to Twitter to announce that the young yodeler would be getting his very own concert, acknowledging his ability to charm both their customers and their aisles.

With his infectious talent and growing fan base, it’s clear that Mason Ramsey has a promising future ahead. The Walmart boy turned internet sensation is set to shine not only in the aisles of his local store but also on bigger stages as his career unfolds.

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