Young Athelets Disrespect The Anthem, Then Coach Did This, Everyone Was Moved Into Tears!

Many decades have pass since World War 2. There are generations of children today who have grown up in very affluent families. These people had grown up in peaceful, loving and abundantly blessed homes. As the years go by, more and more generations could not connect or empathize with pain. The idea of sacrifice is so far from them that it is hard to understand its meaning. Due to untroubled times these young men and women do not put much value to the singing of the national anthem. In order to bridge this gap, Coach Williams of Virginia Tech came up with a unique idea on how to educate his athletes about honoring the national anthem as well as giving tribute to the veterans of America.

Coach Williams gathered up military veterans and his young athletes. He made his young athletes to see these veterans in person then began a narrative on the history, value and meaning of the U.S. national anthem and how it is connected to their very lives. In a short span of time, he inculcated into these young minds the virtue of honoring veterans and giving respect to the national anthem. The veterans were moved to tears and the young athletes fully seized the meaning of freedom as everyone sang the national anthem with the importance that it merits.

Words alone are not enough to convey the value and dignity something deserves. In that 2 ½ minutes the message of freedom and what America stands for was hammered deep into the hearts and minds of these young athletes. Ignorance and disrespect were shattered forever! The illuminating force of freedom and sacrifice pierced these young athletes being and fused to their souls. Congratulations, Coach Williams! You are one great teacher deserving honor, too. God bless you! Do watch the video as a way of singing the Star Spangled Banner.

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