90-Year-Old Tennessee Flood Victim Praises God, Miraculous Survival Story Inspires Thousands

Buddy McNabb, 90-years old, survived the flood of Tennessee. | Source

“I talked to God a little bit [and] He talked back. I was not afraid. He calmed me down, and we just stood there and watched.”

This is how 90-year-old Buddy McNabb started his story when asked about his experience during the massive flood of Tennessee where he survived but 22 other people died.

During the flooding in Tennessee in 2021, God had his hand on this sweet old man. And now he is a living, breathing miracle!

Buddy was watching the water rise when he realized that the water was rising faster than he and his three pet dogs could get out. At some point, he felt like it was time for him to die. He saw that his car went underwater because of the flood. 

He said that instead of panicking, he felt comfort and peace when he started to talk to God.

“I’m a believer. God laid his hand on me.” 

Buddy added, “There isn’t a question in my mind. If a person does not believe in miracles, come talk to me. Because God laid his hands on me. I was not even afraid.” 

The water continued to rise and entered his mobile home. It even rose up to his shoulder. He said that the water stayed chest-level for a good five minutes and then it started to recede. Some folks may say it was just natural for flood waters to go back down, but to Buddy, it was God’s hand working a miracle.

“I’m a very, very blessed, worn-out old man, that’s what it amounts to,” McNabb said.

People who watched his story were inspired. One person commented that his message was powerful. Miracles still happen and having faith in God is even more relevant today because of the many uncertainties surrounding us.

May this story inspire you as well to pray and put your faith in God.

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