LifestyleCouple's Baby Gender Reveal Appeared to Fail Until The Dancers Showed Up

Couple’s Baby Gender Reveal Appeared to Fail Until The Dancers Showed Up

Having a baby gives too much excitement to parents. It gives you the contentment not just as parents but as a whole being. They are a precious gift from God that can put a smile on everyone’s face. Their cuteness fills our hearts with joy and gives us more reasons to believe God is good in our lives. During pregnancy, both parents are excited to know their baby’s gender. They are already busy preparing for what the baby needs after delivery. Even most of the relatives can’t wait to know if it’s a boy or a girl. We even prepare for their names in advance which is just a normal feeling for somebody who is about to have a baby in the family.

Angelica Escarcega and Mauricio Vaca are two lovely couple who was about to have their first baby.  The soon-to-be parents were overjoyed and arranged a party to reveal their baby’s gender where some of their friends and relatives attended and had fun. The tradition is to pop a balloon and wait for the confetti to fall. If it’s a boy you will be seeing the color blue and pink if it’s the opposite gender. So Angelica and Mauricio was a bit excited but got disappointed after the balloon has been popped. The only color that they saw when the confetti fell down was only yellow-gold. Everyone else is excited to know the gender and they’ve been waiting for it the whole time. That’s when their friends entered, music was playing and they started dancing. The two guys were dressed in blue shirts while the other three guys were wearing pink.

Back and forth they were dancing until the final number brought them all together. A large shower of pink paper ribbons scattered all over the place and everyone knew it’s a girl! The parents were so happy but they could be much happier because Angelica was carrying twins in her tummy. God blessed them not just once but twice the hugs and kisses. Their happiness is twice the love of their soon-to-be babies.

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