Customers Request For A Comfy Booth Was Denied By Texas Roadhouse, Reason Behind Refusal Is Heart Melting

Everyone loves food and wanted every piece of it. Most of the time we enjoy eating out with our family and friends. We loved the feeling of being served with our favorite dish accompanied by sweet music inside a restaurant. We talk and laugh with our friends and we always want to be seated in a soft comfortable chair.

A family walked into Texas Roadhouse situated in Dallas, Texas to grab a meal and have some quality bonding time. The host assisted them into a table with hard chairs so they requested to be transferred in a vacant comfy booth. The host refused to grant their request because the vacant comfy booth is reserved for five people who are VIPs. The family was thinking that it would be a great honor to eat with important people at the same restaurant. The table was covered with white cloth where the American flag and Texas State flag is visible.

At the edge of the table is a sign that they read when they take a look at a much closer view. They were touched when they saw the sign that the table is reserved for the five police officers who were killed through an ambush by multiple snipers in Texas. These men have brave souls and they sacrificed their own lives for the good of everybody. This is such a heroic act and in return, Texas Roadhouse paid respect by reserving a table for them despite that they are not able to come anymore. What the restaurant did suddenly became viral and people were so touched of this generosity.

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