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Dad Taught Kids Important Lesson Not To Text While Eating, What He Did Is Genius!

Technology evolves fast nowadays and communication has been made easy because of having a cellular phone brought by the new technology. Even some kids who are not supposed to have phones already got one today. The purpose of the products of technology is to make our lives easier and in order for things to be more accessible. But we should still remember the good traits taught by our parents because this is something that could make our world a better place to live in.

A family was eating dinner at the table with mom, dad, and two young boys. When suddenly they grabbed their phone on the table and started texting while eating at the same time. Daddy asked his boy to pass the salt but because he was not paying attention and was busy texting, he passed the pepper. His dad was just staring at him shaking his head as noticed what his son was doing. So he came up with a brilliant idea to teach his kids a lesson.

He grabbed his typewriter and put it in the table pretending that he was busy doing his unfinished job while eating. This caught the attention of his boys and even asked him what he’s doing. Watch the video below and check yourself if you’re encountering the same problems in your family and how to solve it. Discipline your children while they’re young, bring them to church that they may know God first in their lives and all good things will follow.

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