LifestyleHayley Westenra Lends Her Amazing Vocals In Singing “Abide With Me”

Hayley Westenra Lends Her Amazing Vocals In Singing “Abide With Me”

Singing is a powerful way of ministering to people. People may easily forget all the lectures that they hear from a sermon yet it is also easy for them to memorize song lyrics. Song Lyrics are designed to bring a message to its listeners and this is one way of teaching people about something. There are songs that talk about nationalism, some talks about love and others talk about God’s love for mankind.

Hayley Westenra is a classical crossover artist and a brilliant sing from New Zealand. Her voice is totally stunning as it matches her sweet angelic face. It was in 2006 when the international star joined the group Celtic Woman which gave her a different journey in life. Hayley was born in Christchurch where she started singing at the age of 6. Her grandmother was a singer while her grandfather is a pianist and an accordion player. Hayley came from a family who treasures music in their lives.

Now Hayley is right on top singing a beautiful song written by Henry Lyte entitled “Abide With Me”. Part of the lyrics was Henry’s farewell speech before he died at the age of 45. Henry is an incredible songwriter and is an intelligent man who became an ordained pastor in the Church of England. He graduated in Trinity college and won several awards in poetry. Watch the video below as Hayley Westenra belts out a beautiful song through a spectacular range of voice in the tune of Abide With Me.

Abide With Me, Hayley Westenra, Rugby
Hayley Westenra singing Abide With Me at Rugby School. Talk chopped off the front of this video in response to public demand.

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