Woman Runs Out of Food to Give Homeless But Finds a Miracle at Nearby McDonald’s

Sacrificing and emptying oneself is not an easy choice. However, one Texan woman stood out and proved that the moment you start to give and even to a point you fall short, God will provide for the rest.

Hazeal Cain has a heart for the homeless people in one poverty-stricken area in Texas. She tried to feed the homeless by giving them food. Not expecting the high number of people whom she had to feed, she found out that she was already running low. Because she didn’t want anybody to leave with an empty stomach, she quickly ran to the nearest McDonald’s to buy some food.

When she reached the fast-food chain at Corpus Christi, she ordered $40 worth of hamburgers. She then revealed to the staff whom the burgers were for and quickly asked if anybody would like to help out.


Instead of getting the usual negative answer, Cain was surprised and happy when the manager of the branch immediately took $20 from his wallet and added it to the funds for the hungry. The total $60 was able to purchase more than 60 cheeseburgers for the hungry people in the area.


The manager Matthew Ortiz said that his parents would always tell him that if he has extra money, he would just have to give it out. That’s what he did when he gave $20 as an additional contribution to their food-fund.

Cain posted her story on Facebook and it immediately got great reactions from the online community. She thought that the act of the manager, as well as the whole crew who were so quick to pack the food, should be recognized. As for her, she didn’t expect that the whole event would capture media attention.

The miracle at McDonald’s can be likened to the miracle of the fish and the bread. Jesus’ outstretched hands and loving arms for the hungry when he multiplied the fish and the bread for the multitude who were following him in the mountains. Today, he would gladly touch the heart of unexpected angels to multiply the resources that are meant for our needy brothers and sisters.

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